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WINTER 2014 - News


Jelsma Graphics keeps adding to their embroidery line of clothing with new jacket styles and new lines of logos. We have about 975 unique designs and 3 or 4 times that number in variations of the latter such as size and name drops. Our library is growing thanks to our customers like you that make it all possible for us to enjoy what we love the most

We have over 975 logos available, which doesn't include all the variations or colors and which also gives us probably 750 more than anyone else has to offer.  (We didn't count their logos, but we do feel we are honestly accuracte. If you've looked around, you know.)   We have over 2500 variations of these basic logos, including train names and color variations.  We truly strive to be number one in the market place.  We have also introduced new train logos, including two electrics, half a dozen diesels, several steam locomotives, more name train drumheads, and a host of new railroad logos. Many of these are available in Jacket Back size to compliment our quality line of jackets and pullovers

(See logo page - CLICK HERE FOR LOGO LIST!)



Jelsma Graphics continues to offer it's wholesale customers and dealers the best pricing in the business. Our dealer network is able to reach many new customers across the country.   If your interested in becomming a wholesale dealer please contact Denny directly via email or phone.


We wish to thank all of our new customers and absolutely thank all of our customers that have been with us over the years. We wish you all a better and more prosperous year.

Jelsma Graphics
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